Nigeria and Job Creation!

Nigeria and Job Creation!
AbujaNig – Moderator

The unfortunate saga that happened during the immigration recruitment exercise, is one that exposes a little portion of the decay in the employment / HR sector of our dear nation.

The candidates called upon are a fraction of the ones that must have applied for the jobs. Can you imagine every application was done with N1000.00 (One Thousand Naira)? That is about US$6-7 / application. In a simple projection, a country of over 150 Million people with a majority being growing youth and unemployed. If only Three Million applicants apply and paid the N1000.00 per application, it comes to about N3.0Billion or US$18.75Million tax and duty free (N160=US$1).

If they are able to get 6Miilion people to apply, it grows to about US$37.5Million or N6.0Billion Naira. That should explain why The Army, Navy, Air-force, Jamb, WAEC, NECO, Customs, Prisons, Police, Civil Defense and Universities are all resorting to buying
codes/scratch cards on or off the net. At the end they keep repeating the process over and over for years unending. How many International Agencies have we seen collecting monies to offer application forms for employment? This must be stopped.

Then people must be called to account for monies collected earlier and either returned to the applicants or sent in for judicious uses in areas of Youth Development and/or Health.

Ways to curb a single gathering of high numbers of youths, students and people seeking for jobs should be sought. Why could they not separate the cadres and qualifications or even local Government Area Councils in the cases of very high numbers of applicants.

Then crowd control in all cases must have sufficient fall back logistics in-case of health issues and crises.

While the administration is trying to increase its sighted
responsibility concern for it’s citizenry, the executors of policies must be held accountable for lapses directly and made to pay for short comings, so that others will take a cue and it act, as a lesson.

Only after proper processes are put in place, can the Government be able to reach the unreached and have it’s effort on job creation bring visible dividends that even the cynics cannot deny. It is no time for politics, lives have been and are being lost, it is time for a more resolved approach.

The Government must without waste of time reach out to the affected families and commiserate with them directly and not just on TV and Radio, with due compensations paid if necessary.

I pray God will visit us with comfort and also protect our dear country from further blood letting of any kind.

PJ Adamz
Moderator AbujaNig
16 March, 2014

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