The Mistake of some Sages.

Empires, Emirates and Kingdoms at their heights, that did not prepare for their stay, only ready their fall.  History from time gets us to know that it is only “He that is down, that need fear no fall”.  The best and the worst of them all see their entre’ and exit as time and chance happen to all.  A day to be born and a day to die or should it be for a rebirth, as born againism is not just for Judo-Christian creed this days.

America, is passing through a must watch phase, the world  is entering a season of prophetic actualizations, care must be taken that we do not become the tools of doom fulfilments.  Like the Good is looking for willing hands and minds, so also the bad/evil is looking for evil tools, hands and minds to use.   To be a Judas Iscariot that betrayed Jesus or Peter that denied him three times is a choice selection, so also to be the marys and women that stood with Christ through out His ordeal and followed to see where He was laid, that was also choice.

Get me right here, whether Hillary or Trump, the world stage is set for a season we must all be prepared for.  Yes, All Saints’ days to some is Halloween to others; while some mystics in Africa have arranged grave visits, for what? May be to resurrect the spirits of long gone heroes, for wars/battles that is in need of a this day’s hero.  Correct me, if am wrong, America is a young nation compared to Egypt, the illumination needed to guide/lead America must be such that reflects the exigencies of today.  Adaptations are possible, but becoming a Pharoah, Attaturk or Atilla the Hun in todays America is close to unfruitful.

When I see african princes, returning to base for invocation of long gone spirits for modern conquests, I quiver and get the more sober.  They drop their learnings and kneel before spiritual mediums/mediators for all sorts, that might be the reason why African Institutions and Ruling Houses are filled with round pegs in squared holes. 

While South Africa battles with the current issues of their land, it is time for the sages there to do the needed, call up yesterdays success and build on the principles that got them that far.  Bring up the dynamo of the present and synerge energies for a better South Africa (easier said, I hear you).

South Sudan should realise the forces from outside will do anything to make them fail and regret the separation from Sudan.  The forces outside need internal crevices to plant their seeds of discord, disharmony and crisis for the benefit of only the perpetrators.  Solutions lies from within and it is only the inhabitants that could know or trace where the roof is leaking.  United Nations, African Union can only help to an extent. The solution lies with the South Sudanese, arising as one to say no to wars, let peace reign.  If of the opposing leaders wants wars, let them use their children and family.  They live outside the war zone and propel more violence, because they do not feel the pangs of it’s effect.

Zimbabwe, Kenya, Conga, Gamba, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Chad, Niger, Benin, Libya, Tunisia, Mali, Ethiopia, and where have you, should realise the strength in together (Unity), can never be achieved without people lowering the highs for moderated acceptable compromises.  The use of forceful colonial, religious, traditional, mystical technics to make zombies of people, enslaved by a cabal for the benefit of the few, will not last long anymore.  Change mantra is not just Nigerian.

Africans must like in Britain be able to stand and tell their leaders, we do not want this or that.  And when the issues are decided, any person should be able to challenge the actions or inactions of their leaders.

The Nigerian scenario is confusing.  A country of divers national ethnicities, brought together by the needs of the colonial lords of ages gone.  Pathetic is it when your Nigerian Child, tells you he is first American before a Nigerian.  Then another tells you his/her loyalty is first to Rome, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran or India before loyalty to Nigeria.  Nigerians sing their National Anthem and Pledge with heart and mind, but the actual soul is tied to somewhere else before Nigeria.  I still see the Independence and Christmas/End of Year Celebrations in Ghana, you see love for country, we need some of that in Nigeria.

This season, as the Sultanate, sultanizes, Lagos, Calabar and Abuja Cannibals (cannibalizes???) get ready.  May we begin to think of Nigeria first, the labours of our heroes past should be a guide to ‘Oneness and Greatness’ in the context of Today and not a bring back of practices that no one will be proud to truly unveil in the light of today.

My prayer for all and above all is that, May the Almighty, Supreme, Benevolent Lord and Master, shine on all of us the true Illumination that will bring Freedom, Peace and Plenty to our Lands in ways that will enhance harmonious Sustainable Development of our World, beginning from our homes, villages and cities.  Have a wonderful weekend.



Yes Eternity, permit me to go somewhat spiritual today, it’s an experience, that might be just me, hear me out.

My second Son, came to me one day on my arrival home from my outpost.  He said ‘Daddy, Daddy’! ‘Yes El-Saleem’, I answered. ‘Where will you spend Eternity’? he asked.  I was quiet for a moment, thought it through a while that looked like eternity itself.  Then answered, assuring myself, ‘In heaven, my dear’’.  The echoes of that question kept on for days.  I had to check my archives of deeds, to make sure that anything worth sending me to hell was dealt with.

I gave my life to Christ ( as in committed my life to Christ), so many decades ago, received Baptism of Water and the Holy Spirit at different times.  I have preached, sang, prayed for the sick with numerous good results.   But my life was in a state, that I was sure, The Almighty, might say depart from me for I know you not.

So many people are the on wide / broadway to hell inside buildings called churches and fellowship groups.  Religions and Religious people have formulated so many activities that keep us very busy doing religious business, that keeps us dogmatically far from God and His purpose for our lives.  Very religious we get, but are also adulterers, fornicators, liars, lovers of self than lovers of God, Proclaiming love for God and neighbours, but cannot withstand our wives, husbands, fathers or mothers.  They refused blatantly their vows (on the platter of God understands) and cohort with sinners and persons the Bible says avoid like plaque.

They have turned heaven into material, political, financial O.K. with some tithe and offering no one need to worry.  Unfortunately, the tithes and offerings collected go mostly for personal aggrandisement and not for the expansion of the Kingdom (the Ekklesia, the Body of Believers, who are so Christ like and were nicknamed Christians). 

They are beautiful in Churches, places of worship and also pillars in occult houses, beer parlours and brothels.  They are not prostitutes, but call men, boys, girls, women, father, mothers – who have and are registering demonic altars of promiscuity in almost every place their legs step in.

God is not mocked, Whatever anybody sows, he/she will reap.  If only the Clergy can save their selves, because God’s judgement will start in the Household of God and   Repentantly, lead the body of Christians (the Church), …  The People who are called by God’s name, to humble themselves, turn from their evil/wicked ways, repentantly and seek God in Spirit and in Truth. He has promised to Hear our cries, forgive our sins and Heal our Land.  That is the manifestation of Sons, that the world has been waiting for, to receiving Healing from above, I am sure.

I will want to ask you like my son, to make your salvation a serious matter.  Work it out with fear of God and trembling. And find out where you might spend Eternity.  It is not verbaging the ‘’in call’’ of Christ.  You must repent, renounce your sins and start walking in the Light of God’s word.  This is no time for the show of words.  Your fruit should glaringly tell your neighbours/family/friends that this one has turned from his/her past (evil ways) and is now like Christ.

Enough of having so many big edifices (Church buildings) with no effect on the society we live in, whereas twelve (12) disciples became city tormentors, because of the Power of Christ in them.  May we who call Christ as Saviour and Lord, live Christ Resurrected Lives in our houses/homes, work and play, so we can bring sooner the return of the Risen King.



28th May, 2014

Bauchi Nigeria.