Democratic Mistakes–The falls of Titans.

The rise of any kingdom is much more easier than the stabilization and fall.  The medical death of an animal might still have biologically living organs or tissues that can be harvested for transplant or research.  Painfully popular Presidencies have been lost to the headiness of the candidates and the less openness of the advisory team executing the campaigns.  I have seen two in recent times, The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Nigeria and the Democrats in the United States.

In Nigeria, parties are along Power cabal lines than philosophical.  So the emergence of the Peoples Democratic Party was by the power brokers that needed a way to keep the Military from interference and solve the issue of the Chief Abiola, June 12 saga.  So the ease of access by Rtd Gen. Obasanjo in 1999 had the least of resistance.  The honey moon continued amidst the usual back stabbings and betrayals that is so eminent in Africa’s politics.   President Obasanjo’s handing over to Yaradua was not without it’s internal bickering, but Obasanjo had the cabal retired Military either silent or on his side.  Having ruled the nation for a long time their relevance is still yet to wane.

The death of Yaradua brought in Goodluck Jonathan, who seemed to always be a deputy that takes over from his Principal after some issue or the other.  Whether it was by default or manipulated, time and maybe his memoirs might tell us.  But that Zoology Professor, showed some un-readiness for the seat and rumours of his mistresses and wife being the Black Popes were not uncommon.    Jonathan’s greatest error was not being in direct touch with the people on the ground.   He was covered by the Aso realm that reality was taken far from his reach.  That might remind you of Abacha and the Mallams syndrome.  For example, a bomb explored in the North East with International Red Cross and USAID agencies reaching out to see how they can help, while the then President and Commander in Chief of Nigeria was watching a Command football performance, with serving Presidents from some African Countries and celebrities in another Southern state of Akwa Ibom.   The only time Goodluck saw it fit to visit the North East was during the ending days of the campaign, another grievous mistake.

Goodluck had issues with a number of his people, party persons and he just wont bulge? Obasanjo had to make public some letters sent to the President, causing quiet some unease for all, especially those close to the two. 

The selection of candidates to compete was not what any will call transparent as persons were not willing to face the wrath of the incumbent or be seen as not politically correct.  So having Goodluck and Buhari, was not so different than the Abiola vs Tofa elections though tougher.

Jonathan, left the hands that fed him and raised his electoral machinery of person wanting a bite of the National cake.  So the colossal funds raised, stolen and shared for campaigns only ended in peoples Farms, Toilet Soak a ways and water tanks, but not the electorates.   Campaign projects, done to showcase a sense presence in communities, were only heard in the news and not realities on ground.  Did Jonathan foresee his failing in the elections?  No, because that was actually his very first true elections, others were mere give aways. 

Could he have done it differently?  Yes, the ending game he employed in the North East would have been employed a year earlier, before the heating up of the campaigns.  He had a good followership in the Middle Belt, South South and South East.  He would have done much better in the other regions like the North Central, North West, North East and South West.  Though the elections was along party lines, but all knew that tribe, region and religion played their roles.  He would have been wise to get a deputy that was accepted by the North and not one that was rumoured to be from the south south and unable to recite the Quran.

Nigeria has still not learnt it’s lessons, as the incumbent might be facing the same forces that brought him in, bring in another person to power come 2019, unless Nigerians start seeing a people oriented change.   If you ask me, what Nigeria needs is not another mega – party, we need to start politics along Ideological divides, let us have issue driven political parties and not cabal -ization of power brokers.

Hilary Clinton, took the world by storm, when she came out for the Senate seat, she was everywhere and with everyone.  From Abuja, we received her emails engaging the electorates with their concerns and her intentions to address those concerns.  Her entre was glorious, but she made the mistake of not following up to develop her success for greater success.

Like Goodluck, Hillary had the good will of the incumbency to her favour, but what we did not see very glaring was the engagement of her Husband.  If you will recall, Obama was almost doing the same mistake, not engaging Bill Clinton during his campaigns, till the very end when the race was very tough, it was reported that Bill Clinton was on the Phone for a very long time call the many he could.  The report alone encouraged a lot of Bill Clinton sympathisers to vote Obama.  During Elections you need every resource.   We saw Bill Clinton sparingly and issues upon issues being raised were swept under the carpet.  Issue like the Pro – Lifers; LGBT; Evangelicals; Unemployment issues and Immigrants; Militant Islamism and American Policies.  These are issues that are so sensitive in America and should have been given a more careful treatment than was.

Why writing now?  Gambia has moved to the Opposition, Ghana is on the verge of another Elections, what should we expect?  It is my prayers that we will have a free and fair elections.  While wishing the best person for Ghana to win, It is my hope also that such a person will address the issues of Unemployment and Corruption that we hear cries of in Ghana.  This is an important economy that needs to be in the right for the benefit of the sub region and Africa as a whole.  God bless the people of Africa with leaders that are Africans at heart.  Happy elections Ghana.


Ondo Elections 2016 –Now that APC has been declared winner.

The elections was relatively peaceful, gratitude to the Almighty and all that contributed to make it so.

Now is time for synergy to get the state forward and not at a stand still or backwards. I hope the Jimohs, Okes et al will join hands off party lines and see Ondo forward.

For the New Governor Elect, it is time to return to Owo and say Thank you.  It should extend to the Akungba – Ikare Axis and the whole of Ondo North. 

Owo is a Junction town and the busiest link the North and Middle Belt (Benin). 

I am kindly requesting for

1. Increased Security, especially between Owo and the Akure, we have been robbed thrice on that stretch.   At a time people started using the Ekiti link with Oshun, long but safer at that time.  Luxurious Buses were the major targets at night.

2. The link roads to

a -Sabon Gida Ora and Benin axis;

b – Road from Ibillo junction to Kabba, a very commercial road, especially with the Cement Factory in Kogi, the Dangote’s should join in making the road better.

c. – The Owo Akungba – Okene Link roads (security and pot hole repairs.

d. – Akure – Ilesha road – road repairs and maintenance

e. Start thinking of dualising Owo-Akure-Ondo-Owo-Okitipupa/Igbokoda roads and start even if on small scale a Lagos – Okitipupa/Igbokoda Water transport (luxury/business class).

should see some visitations.  Yes they may be Federal roads, as a member of the Centre Party, Fashola should be able to make it priority or you work on them and get refund.

3. The Issue of Kidnappings must stop or see a drastic reduction, even if it means upsetting some cabals.

4. Build a big Trailer park in Owo for decongesting of roads especially as there will increase of traffic with road repairs.

5. Start campaigning for the Ajaokuta rail line to Pass through Ondo to Lagos.  Ondo needs a direct Lagos – Abuja Link to unlock the state from the relegation by the western states.

6. Start looking at Diaspora, Abuja, Lagos, Ibadan and Kaduna/Kano for inputs to the state.  Ondo has a large cache of Highly placed resources that can be of benefit to the state in Oil and Gas, Cocoa, Timber, Cassava, Medicine, Water, ICT and name it.  The Kupolatis and Aruwajoyes, Famutimi et al are Egbons that must be used to get the Bitumen, Oil and Gas resources on your top front burner now the PIB is being pursued.

7. Tourism has suffered so much set back due to lack of care.  Religious Tourism was not cared for in the days of Obadare, now Ogun State has captured the Mountain of Fire, Redeem, Living Faiths et al.  The Government should see how the Sun Shine state can shine again with the Idanre’s and Oke Marias et al.

8. As a corper, I made sure I used only products from Oluwa Glass factory in my apartment, they sufficed, PPP with the Chinese if need be but lets start producing Glasswares.

9. Ondo should visit Ghana and see how they have silently started producing European Quality Chocolates, export product.  They avoided Nigeria, because we could still the market.   Get the Boyede’s and Ile Oluji start producing affordable Coco Products for Nigeria and Export again.

10. The Farmers of your area do not have a regulated market to sell their products at premium price, get the lebanese and gambaris give good deals, by getting a commodity board to give these farmers a reason to increase the production and get premium pricing for their goods. And you can do what your eastern counterpart is doing exporting vegetable to abroad.  The Farmers need better pricing.

11. The North East is being reconstructed, Ondo Furniture, wood workers can be enabled through your Government to be a major source for wood products for school, hospitals, churches, homes and establishments furniture and wood needs.

It is my prayer that the progress of Ondo State will be a continum.

God bless the people of the Sun Shine State and he blesses the State to truly shine.

Commercial Bike (Acaba/Okada) Registration–Bauchi State Nigeria in Mind.

On a trip so many years ago to Ghana by road, the Commercial Bikers in Cotonou and Lome amazed us.  They filed orderly along lanes meant just for them and all had visible numbers readable from far on the front and back of their aprons.   They were so organised, that you wonder, if they had high cases of casualties like we do.  Coming home to Nigeria, the emergence of Okada, Acaba or Commercial Bikes was as a result of the down turning of the economy; increase in the population sizes of our towns and cities with the corresponding vehicular traffic issues and Unemployment. 

With so many states banning out rightly the use of motorcycles, with no sustainable alternative(s), is enough for Bauchi State Government to be applauded for the decision to register motorcycle riders in the state.  Suffice to say that every Government have their reasons for decisions taken, but the fact remains that, these class of people are only there because of the service need they provide for.

In Nigeria, Acaba/Okada (motorbike) is associated, (not exhaustive though), with armed robbers, militants, terrorists, kidnappers, bag snatchers, assassins, ritualists, Orthopaedic Hospital and Mortuary service providers  marketers/promoters.

Why is it so? Amongst reasons are:-

1. Most riders are not trained, they learn on the trade.

2. Poverty, it is a very fast way of getting little change to keep body, soul and family together.

3. Joblessness, some riders are graduates with Diplomas, Degrees.  There was a case of a Masters Degree graduate in Abuja, before the El-Rufai ban on riders.

4. Lack of sufficient affordable transport, they act as bridges/gap fillers

5. Lack of accessible roads, they are able to reach un-motorable nukes, corners and crannies.

6. High Traffic Jams / Go slows, they have ability to manoeuvre in-between vehicles reducing the time wastages due to traffic challenges.

7. It is fun and airy, having the breeze blow on your face and skin.

The list can go on and on.   Unfortunately, it has become the most risky form of transportation.

In Bauchi, where people blatantly refused to wear crash helmets and seat belts, any measure to increase the safety of the commuters and citizenry is a noble deed.  Yes the riders are full of complaints, but it is necessary and of more benefit to them if properly executed.  Everyday you will meet a handful of riders, who do not even know the roads, they depend on you to show them, they keep telling you, if care to ask, that they are from neighbouring states.  So anybody from anywhere, (Militant, terrorist, robbers), can carry a motorbike and commercially work/carry out a negative activity, disappear and leave the true service providers to carry the brunt of the crime committed.  So registration is truly needful.

What will we need to do to make the registration, more meaningful and of benefit to the riders and their passengers?

a. Riders Test and Certification – Mental, Physical, Medical, Eye tests and Knowledge of the terrain (Locality)

b. Road Worthiness of Vehicle, not only license plate

c. Basic First Aid Training

d. Security Back ground check

e. Separation of the town into different areas with responsible coordinating heads, reporting to their town/city or state coordinators.

f. Usage of Reflective readable numbers on bikes (Petrol Tanks), showcasing Bike Commercial registration number.

g. Usage of Reflective Readable Riders Registration Number on Aprons (front and Back).  The riders are not necessarily the owners of the Bikes.  Their registration entitles them to have license as a commercial rider.

h. The Uniform / Apron should be non-transferable, as in the case of license/ID card.

i. Ownership change of Commercial vehicles, should be documented with the necessary authorities, before it is enforced, this will reduce the snatching of bikes.

j. Black listed riders, should have their Apron/Uniform seized for the duration of the black listing.

k. Remove multi taxation – form a one channel ticketing/taxation, Local Government & State Inland Revenue people should have a weekly/monthly scheme.

l. Create a weekly/monthly fora for training, retraining, networking and feedback.

m. Have a 3 digit toll free line for Passenger Complaint, emergency or eventuality report.

n. Institute/Support a compulsory basic Health Insurance through National Health Insurance Scheme (NHIS) to cover the rider and his passenger.

o. Create a benefit/reward system where riders through their association/cooperative can finance bike purchase or other projects to increase their channels of revenue generation.

Knowing that Nigeria is not starved of ideas, it is the execution and maintenance that suffers, I rest my case, with a prayer, that the Government will get credible agencies/people to do the needful.  If well implemented, the riders will be presenting themselves for registration and payments of dues, as they know what they are getting from it and later work on making it sustainable and theirs.

May God bless the people of Nigeria.




Federal Character And Its Discontents – By Reuben Abati



There has been so much concern about how the Federal Character principle has since its introduction in 1979, promoted mediocrity within the public service, and retarded national growth and progress. Introduced after the civil war to promote national integration, and to address the fears of sections of the country which felt marginalized, the Federal Character principle was meant to ensure that public service appointments reflect the country’s diversity: religious, ethnic, geographical and linguistic, and by extension, that resource allocation reflects the fact that this is a federal system and not a clan.

It is thus an ethnic balancing mechanism. The assumption is that if the public service is truly representative, this will promote a sense of national loyalty and inclusion. Sections 14 (3-4) and Third Schedule, Part 1(c) of the Constitution spell out the principle in clear terms and in 1996, a Federal Character Commission was established to ensure compliance.  But today, the general impression is that Federal Character as applied has resulted in an erosion of merit, and that the observed inefficiency in the state bureaucracy is traceable to it, and in other areas of national life, it has not necessarily brought better spread of opportunities.  The oft-recommended solution as was again reportedly argued at a recent colloquium in Lagos, in honour of Professor Anya Anya, is to abolish the Federal Character principle and replace it with a merit-based system.

Merit is important, no doubt; indeed, this was a key outcome of the Vision 20:2020 process. The quality of human resource in any organization determines the quality of inputs and outputs. That is why organizations look for the best and the brightest. And if the public service in Nigeria can be taken as an organization, the kind of people who run, lead and manage it have not necessarily been the best and the brightest that the country should have. But I am tempted to argue that the problem is not the Federal Character principle or quota system.

In fact, in many parts of the world today, diversity and inclusiveness are actively encouraged in recruitments and other processes. In a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural country such as ours, the Federal Character principle can help promote our diversity and strengthen otherwise marginalized, less populous groups such as the minorities. The 50 wise men in the 1978 Constitution Drafting Committee who proposed the principle were right in seeking to make more Nigerians have a sense of belonging.  In applying the quota system however, we have over the years, abused and ignored best practices.

Where the problem lies is when people hide under the Federal Character principle to lower standards so that their kinsmen can have opportunities, or when in the name of Federal Character, needless cost is incurred and room is created for the incompetent to rise. That is not how the principle is applied in other parts of the world. There must be certain benchmarks, below which a responsible system should not descend. The story is often told about how the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board and some universities, for example, have different cut off points for students from different parts of the country. It is this kind of story, if it is true, that raises questions about how the Federal Character principle is an assault on merit. If the required score for any prospective student of Medicine is 290, then all applicants must score 290 in the qualifying examination before they can gain admission.

Equal opportunity must be given and standards must be the same.  A quota principle may then be applied in filling the available slots to ensure diversity.  In the public service also, it is often said that certain less qualified persons are often promoted beyond their level of competence. That is unacceptable. The Nigerian Constitution says for example that there must be a reflection of Federal Character in the appointment of Ministers, and because of that we have ended up with a bloated Federal Executive Council.  These are some of the ways in which the quota system has generated so much discontent.  There is even a tendency among certain Nigerians to look down on people from other parts of the country as products of quota, whereas it has not been proven that any Nigerian group has a monopoly of competent and intelligent people.

What we need to insist on is not an abolition of a deliberate attempt to ensure diversity and inclusiveness, but that any such system in place must not negate merit and standards. Before 1979, there were serious issues about marginalization and exclusion in the Nigerian public space. There was tension between majority and minority groups over access to power and opportunities. The military made everything more complex due to a Northernization principle that defied the idea of Federalism. It is ironic, however, that today more Nigerians feel more marginalized than was the case before 1979 and 1999. If there was no Federal Character law, the situation could even have been worse. Poorly implemented as it may have been, it is still a major restraining force against the tendency of the average Nigerian leader to reduce everything to his or her own narrow interest.  It is perhaps better to have a system where people in authority pretend to be nationalistic, than to have a system where nepotism and favoritism predominate.

The big problem is that we are not yet a nation. We are not yet Nigerians in the sense in  which a country is propelled by love and patriotism.  We are a country of villagers, of ethnic champions, locked in a primordial mode, largely incapable of thinking as Nigerians, an imperfect union. When people are in positions of authority, they do not think of the best for the system, but how they can use that position to promote ethnic and sectarian interests. The people outside the system also expect to be patronized by their kinsman in position and power. There is a “Na-my-brother-dey-there” mentality that has made nepotism the driving force of the public service system, making the problem and the associated guilt collective.

I recall a high-ranking public official boasting that he was able to get over 200 people from his state into the public service! These would be qualified persons of course, but they had the opportunity only because their brother was within the system, and if every influential person loads the system with their kinsmen, certainly better qualified or equally qualified persons  who do not know anybody will have no access. When there are vacancies in certain government departments, the first group that would most likely know would be the kinsmen of the influential persons in charge. And the people who do this are very shameless about it. No matter how educated, most Nigerians only feel comfortable with people from their parts of the country or those who speak the same language with them. They find it difficult to relate with other Nigerians.

I once attended an event organized under the auspices of the office of a certain big man. It turned out that the keynote speaker was from his ethnic group, the Master of Ceremony, the Chair of the occasion, nearly all the lead paper presenters too, and when we checked, they all came from his state of origin! And yet there is a Federal Character principle in place. If there had been none, the fellow probably would have invited the audience from his village too. It is precisely that kind of attitude that makes a Federal Character principle useful. The event in question was a Federal Government event! But it didn’t matter to the man in charge. All the speakers were knowledgeable by the way, and the Master of Ceremony did a good job. Nobody could question their performance. But certainly there must be people from other parts of the country who could have discharged the responsibility just as well, and if the organizer had been a bit sensitive, he would have ensured some degree of diversity.

It may be difficult to know how offensive nepotism can be until you actually encounter it. It is a fact that people in power and position use that privilege to develop their own village and state as a mater of course.  Their first instinct is to use public funds to set up infrastructure in their own states and villages, before they think of other Nigerians. From the village and the state, they may then think of their region. The contractors are either their friends or agents. This is the case because the average Nigerian sees public service as an opportunity to serve and please his own people, and not Nigerians. I have been in situations where public officials, surrounded by their kinsmen, will suddenly stop a conversation and relapse into their mother tongue, leaving you to start screaming “Speak English, speak English, don’t shut the rest of us out of this conversation”. Most Nigerians see anyone who does not speak their mother tongue as an outsider and when it comes to the distribution of opportunities, they will treat you exactly as an outsider.

Have you not noticed how the pattern of dressing and attitudes in Abuja, the Federal Capital, reflect the changes in the leadership of the country?  When a Yoruba man is in power, the Yoruba are all over the city. When it is the turn of a Northerner, every Northerner stumps the floor of Abuja with greater ease and confidence. If anyone didn’t have Ijaw friends before President Jonathan became President, they had to seek out one and befriend. Our governance process is terribly driven by a certain “It-is-our-turn” mentality, which influences everything else. Even in the states, a Governor is first and foremost, the Governor of his constituency, and he seeks to please that constituency before any other part of the state.  “If I don’t develop my area, another governor from another area will not bring development to my people”.  Such a system as we run where people are not held accountable on the basis of ideas and principles, can only promote division.

Religion is part of the equation. Some people are so unscrupulous, when they head a department, they would insist on surrounding themselves only with their church members or adherents of their faith. The result is an occultic system that stands in the way of performance and efficiency.  I believe that the existence of a Federal Character principle is the only reason why some people still manage to pretend to be Nigerian. It should be retained, if only to keep reminding people that this country cannot be run at the level of a village and that it belongs to over 450 nationalities, but greater emphasis should be placed on merit and standards.

To rise gradually above it all, we must grow an enlightened society. We must develop a sense of Nigerian-ness, build a nation, such that people will be given opportunities, and promoted, not on the basis of affiliations, but their ability and the content of their character.

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Bauchi Tourism–Gets a Presidential mention.

I was privy by virtue of work to be at the Convocation Square of the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University, Bauchi Nigeria.  The list of attendees was impressive, with so much support from  Co – Heads of Educational Institutions, Research and Agencies, Traditional Leaders, Politicians and a number of well wishers amidst the gradaunds and the families.  The Chairman, Committee of Vice-Chancellors, Prof. A. Daramola of FUT Akure, must be a fulfilled man, that V.C.’s are having convocations by the numbers during his tenure.

The Governor’s speech in relations to the university, at least will give the University the needed road leading to the permanent site, it is my sincere wish that it will not only be to the school, but will be made to pass through the villages near the university, so that the villagers will start reaping the dividends of their allowing the university to be domiciled in their locale.  For land/estate speculators, this is the very best time to start buying and developing buildings in the villages near the University.  If Samara Zaria, my town,  is any testimony to go by, the Airport / University axis might grow to be the most cosmopolitan area of Bauchi. 

The contributions of the Executive Secretary, was of a very mindful father and Academic Leader, advising the University to stick to the mandate of Technological advancement and beautiful was the suggestion of securing the University area, for the safety of the students and staff. A father indeed.  TETFUNDs announcement of the approval for the fencing work, showed the Governments readiness to advance any good course that will be beneficial to the academic community.  I have in the few months of this Vice Chancellor seen a lot of projects springing up from the University, some of the projects show the University taking the lead as it should in the development of the immediate community.   A mention must be done of the new Leadership of ATIL – the Consultancy/Investment outfit of the university, they need to be commended.

The Visitor’s Speech as delivered by the Executive Secretary of the National University Commission, who seems to be the Presidents Special Ambassador for Education, made my day.  He referenced the State with the Yankari Game Reserve as a leading Natural Tourism Trap, comparable with any in the Continent.  He made the university to think towards the proactive looking at synergies with the State Government and other stake holders to make Yankari take it’s place on the map of reserves and am sure a lead Revenue Generator for the State and the Nation, with the resultant creation of jobs for the citizenry.

The Federal Polytechnic, has done well developing resources for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in Bauchi and the environs, so also NIHOTOUR the Government agency for the development of resource for the Industry.  The Governor in his love for education, mentioned the link of the State Polytechnic to the University, so that they can start offering Degree programs, good news.  I  will suggest, so humbly, that now is a right time for the Government, Universities (Federal/State), Federal/State Polytechnics/NIHOTOUR to look at ways for jump starting various modern Hospitality/Tourism resource development programmes.  This is the time to follow the lines of Ahmadu Bello University and start First/Post Graduate Degree programmes in Hospitality and Tourism.    National University Commission will definitely accredit such programmes as the Executive Secretary was the Emissary of the President and Visitor to the University.

On an immediate front, what can we as Hospitality / Tourism concerns do to encourage the Government and Academia to jump start this?  I will think it is time for stakeholders to drop all their differences and form linkages at Owners, Managers and Workers levels for the betterment of the state and region as one.  The more we are together, the happier we’ll be.  And if I have a listening ear, the Government at National and State Levels, should seek to encourage the sector, unifying taxes (reducing multiple taxations), assisting with Power (PHCN) stability and creating patronage by bringing and hosting big events in the state.  

In closing, respectfully, my domicile in Bauchi is opening my eyes to a sleeping giant, waiting to wake up from it’s slumber.   Bauchi is the place for Sport’s Tourism, Eco-Tourism, Mountaineering, Safari / Wild life, Religious Tourism, Educational / Historical, Culinary Tourism (Kilishi, Dambun nama & Masa), Medical and leisure Tourism.  All these with global appeals, the time to wake up is more now, I am looking again, more hopefully, for Yankari Games Reserve to be the Camp David of Nigeria (Buhari / Osibajo, need to be given a Natural place to get refreshed).  I long to see the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Guest House in Bayara, be made a sacred reserved place for Leadership/Historical Research in sync with the Tomb.  Whatever is the reason for the neglect of the Museum near Zaranda Hotel, need a rethinking.  

I feel elated now, I can say the near absence of Tourism in the Ministries and earlier talks of the Government, was not an un-mindfulness.  Responsible Tourism has a good consideration in this government.  God bless Nigerians and the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Adamu Ayuba

Fariah Suites Bauchi Nigeria.

Our Nigeria–Which way to go?

Nigeria-2016-Budget-Projected-Revenue (1)


The USD$ 30+ or 20Billion, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi – Okonjo Weala/Dieziani GEJ et. al is no more news.  So is the Oil and Gas gate, that got some highly placed Nigerians confessing to Bribery and corrupting a National Assembly Legislator, no court judgement no white paper and all the concerns are moving about free agents in a very corrupt, immoral setting? no in an easy to forget society.


images (4)

Now the US$2.1Billion Arms gate is raising more heat and courts / health pressures, why?  Wind of Change? Maybe; Nigerians surprise me always.

My expectations is that our statisticians/Press/Academicians will come out and tell us in clear terms, what we lost, what we are looking for and what we as a Nation stand to gain, if we succeed, 50, 80 or 100%.  SLS now Emir of Kano was quoted in a paper to saying, GEJ was loosing as much as US$1Billion monthly to corruption, was that true? Is it still happening? Nigerians need to know and the see how to fix the holes or change the baskets to containers that do not leak.

Do you know that:-

USD$2.1 Billion will amount to NGN546Billion at N260=US$1.  That will be 30.333Million people’s salary on the N18,000.00 minimum wage. (Some Governors have already come out to tell the world that they cannot pay the amount).

* The total budget for all the Northern States Education is N300Billion, that means it can pay to educate the whole Northern States for one year with a change of N246Billion.

* The Nigerian Health Sector has N221.7Billion only for this year, that means it could take care of health sector and have N324.3Billion as change.

* If what SLS and Dieziani / NASS settled for was USD$20.0Billion as unaccounted for, that will be

* N5.2Trillion at the N260=USD$1

* it can give 288.9Million people’s minimum salary (that is more than the Nigeria’s population of 160Million)

* It is more than the total budget of some Countries in Africa and some developing countries.

What should amaze any sensible, responsible person, is the way and manner Nigerians carry on their business of the day, as if, it’s one of those things you know?  No it is not, it is the only wahala (suffering) that right standing people suffer for keeping silent and refusing to ask for their rightful dues.

This is no PDP / APC saga, it is Nigeria.  This is time to stand as one and demand answers, of the whys and how’s of not just the ones we know, but of all the others being kept from the eyes of the public.

Our Citadels and Ivory Towers need to start R&D on Nigeria’s root cause, Reductions or Removal of Temptations and Best Practices.  Ways of celebrating Honesty and reward for right living or whatever can get us sane again should be looked at.  The future of our nation is not good, if the media, external influence and social fora/media is all we have to raise our youth and growing children.  The celebration of ills and carefree attitude to hither to obnoxious issues need a revisit. 

To reduce Corruption, it start from our minds, we need to get our children, youth and growing populace to start renewing our thoughts and minds with the right things.  We need to have an enabling environment that will encourage such, through the materials we read, watch and listen too.  Our Home must be worked to morality stables in all the sense of it and our schools should be returned to the basics, that produced leaders in little and big ways.  Our places of work should be in the fore front of best practices, top down, from resumption time to salary/promotion and file movements.  Employments should return to merits and Federal Character & not sex, creed or tribe.  The time when declaration of age is not monitored and you have a man / woman become 30 years three or four times in his/her civil service career life should stop.  NYSC need to also look at either changing their rules or sought ways to stop the engagement of persons near 50 years as under 30s for youth corps.  If an unemployed female / male member of your church or mosque brings plenty monies as tithes/offering, counsel should be given such and not celebrate same and encourage others to follow example.

What I am trying to say is, we the people of Nigeria should take our future in our hands and start from us (me & you), then get our elected leaders now that they are in office to behave as promised.  That will reduce the need for EFCC tomorrow and it is better that we solve the problem before it happens.  And support the Agencies of Government to correct the already wrong happenings, but in a moral responsible way and not as vendetta.

This is not just Nigeria, Africans should take their future in their hands and call their Governments to action.  They need to account for Yesterday, tell us the Truth about today and consider the good of all for our tomorrow’s actions.  I pray Africa, soon, very soon, look into Africa first, before thing Paris, Brussels, China, India, UK, Dubai, Saudi, Israel, Germany or America.  Happy New Year, ‘which way Nigeria (Africa), Which way to go’.. (Remembering Sonny Okosun).





Graduate Employment–Information.

Random thinking, will information of the what, where and when of jobs help the millions of graduates being produced into a jungle of job struggles?

This is a try on getting the information closer to as many as can read this……

For more information….

Let me know if this is useful so we can reach out to more people.

Good luck and God’s Grace.