African / Nigerian Elections and Post Electoral Remedies!


The best beggars of votes when elected to serve turn to become near political tyrants, thieves of public funds and slave masters of the same people they vowed to serve.

In most elections, now that coups are not popular, the citizenry is left with the garbage till the next elections, when money and the power of incumbency could be used to steal the peoples mandate at all cost to keep the status.

Democracies are guided by constitutions. I need to know, what are the constitutional guides to recalling a President, Governor, and Member of the House of Assembly by the electorate when they are in office?

We need to stop some nonsenses that makes elected officers become demi gods and demagogues while in office.

Can any educate us on the needed process, please?


Olusegun Obasanjo–Carry Gooooooo.


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As a self student of Leadership, my respect increased, for the retired General and two times President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, after reading one of his many books ‘’The Animal Called Man’’.  I heard talks of a Chinese version of the book, plagiarized am sure into many more languages as at today.  This is one book I wish all Nigerians especially the growing adults in Secondary and Tertiary institutions will read.  buhari-meets-obasanjo

You can hate Obasanjo, but must give him due respect for the numerous efforts and labours for peace and good governance in especially Africa.  The news has just stated some of his contributions as advise to President Buhari on the Boko Haram Crisis and wish to also highlight his contributions to the peaceful electioneering going on in Guinea Bissau, with the least noise in the news and social media, same goes for so many nations of Africa, that hitherto were heated up by factions and trivial issues/differences.


Southern Sudan, The Chad Basin & Central African Region, with the least mention of the Eastern and Southern African Areas.   I have learnt through this very Man to celebrate a person, while alive more, so he/she can do more/better, than by gravesides or post humously.

My Prayer, is that God will increase you in Strength, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Sound Mind and Sound Health for this Generation, Continent and Generations to come.  May you enjoy the fruits of your labour from now and onwards.  I pray that the Good Lord, will open your eyes, mind and ways to finish the good race of life very well and divinely enhanced to be amongst the number, when the roll is called up yonder.  I pray and sincerely so, that Nigerian, African leaders and people past and present will start to work towards peace at all fronts.

God bless Nigerians, Nigeria and Africa at large.

Adamu Ayuba

Writes from Bauchi Nigeria