Global Political Correctness or Error?

Taking a look at Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Ivory Coast, Libya and Syria, will it have been better leaving the nations unperturbed and silently follow the tenets of power change?  We all shout the need for democracy, where in the world in democracy sincerely genuine?  Agreed, it is the best form of Government.  Elections alone do not define democracy, especially when the needed structures, to sustain it, are not in place.

If you allow the people of Libya to honestly select between the relative normalcy of the Gadhafi days and now that even Libyans are running from their country in modes known for the West and Central African blacks alone, which will they vote for?

An Iraqi situation where Christian and minority tribes were slaughtered like animals and the world silently watched without uttering words for fear of reprisals and/or to be politically / diplomatic correct. I ask again, will this minorities prefer the interventions that brought Iraq to this state or the Saddam Hussein days?

Syria, Samaria, Damascus, in memory, I remember some of my class mates, leaving Amman, Saturday nights, drive to Damascus for night clubbing and return very early Sunday mornings for classes (sorry, wont mention names, if any is reading). Many more transverse those terrains for pilgrimage, study and work.  A very wonderful set of hospitable people, I may say.  Will the people have preferred a yesterday Syria with the bad ruler, than a country with lives, ancient histories, buildings, technologies and businesses destroyed and majority of the citizenry becoming refugees of no nation, as all are afraid of accepting them for fear of ISIS?

Cases without counts, we have, where interventions, even those well intended end up being hijacked by others who for long where unable because of the same persons termed evil by the interveners.  A very disappointing fact is, like Oscars Arias put it long time ago, that the weaponry used are always from the same nations preaching peace/better world.  Some are of the opinion that these nations go into their Military Laboratories / Research Facilities and Industries to create weapons of mass destruction only to come to nations of low intellect and use the leadership, their opponents as laboratory rats for their experiments.  (True or False?  I do not know.).  But ear to ear talks are common of CIA Agents gone rogue, like Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden.

The issue of migration has now so beclouded our judgement, that it is hard to place the line between what is right / wrong.  When Black Africans were traversing the ancient Sahara Desert Trade routes to North Africa for access to Europe through especially Spain.   The world turned deaf ears to our cries for a rethink of the nuances that cause persons to leave their comfort zones for a greener pasture that is more of a mirage than reality.  The number of deaths by natural causes and the inhumane treatment by people of nations along the routes are best not mentioned.     These migrants formed villages in off the grid locations, known to uniformed Government officials for only harassments and collection of illegal dues for such illegal stays.   Transient families emerge, villages with hierarchal structures like self preservation and order.  The cost if you ask me is not worth the story.

I have waited to hear of the Global (as UN) support for the wealthy Egyptian who bought an Island for a particular group of refugees, I am still waiting.  I am also waiting to hear other wealthy Arabs follow the example, I am still waiting to hear.  With the bombings in France, Brussels, Germany and the near coup in Turkey, I am waiting for the American Government, whether Democrat or Republican that will truly open their doors for migrants in the true American Story and Spirit.

My great worry is, the merchants of war will not stop now.  With Drone technology and the Internet becoming an increasingly fearful phenomenon, the future is increasingly bleak for the average and below average persons.  African states have are not learning from the past, brothers killing brothers and neighbours destroying each other are still the norm.  The usage of religion, tribe, regions have becoming increasingly sophisticated that, even infant nations that should be learning to crawl are fine-tuning the blood letting skills on the same people they joined hands to get independence.  Something is terribly wrong, because the war lords and sponsors are in far away safe havens with their families and will be the same persons that will be called to discuss reconciliations after the poor masses without names / numbers are buried in mass or unmarked graves.  When this man’s inhumanity to man stop?

If anybody is hearing, let for once, the United Nations and Region Unions and Association call a spade a spade, by fingering the direct or remote sponsors of these conflicts and let them face the peoples’ court.  The creators of these killing machines be made accountable for there safe keep / misuse.   The rulers of regions and their security be called to face their ability or otherwise to do the right thing at the right time.  Inter / Intra National peer reviews to include possible sanctions on persons and not innocent citizens.  Southern Sudan must not be allowed to go inflames again.

If something is not done fast, I see a time when everybody will arm him/herself for defence against their neighbours and system.  Then the chaotic situation you now see will be a child’s play.  Because computer games will be played live in our neighbourhoods, schools, places of worship and homes.   A global survival reality show will not a beautiful story, a stitch in time saves more than nine.


Migrants–Internally or Externally Displaced Persons in our thoughts.

I was on a transit stop, Cairo International Airport, a not too familiar face approached me. I was 6.1’ slim (athletic built, i will tease myself), might be what he saw.  ‘Good morning Sir’, do you still play? Yes of cause, from time to time (Thinking he meant music). You reside in abuja, he told me categorically. How did you know?  That was how the gist started.  He had a shop opposite Abuja Sheraton (Zone 4), before El-Rufai’s demolitions. He is a Sports Agent.  There my laughter could be heard from one end to the other of that side of the duty free shops of the Egypt Air Departure.  He was talking football, while I was thinking music.

That was where, I learnt of how they deflect travellers, from especially Africa looking for greener pastures, to Europe, then through a port in Larcana.  This persons are globally connected through diverse formal and informal links.  The dark syndicate has infiltrated all facets of the society and their only aim is illegal trade/exchanges for gains.  Call it prostitution, drugs, smuggling, arms sales, body part merchandise, sports men/women trade, money laundering name it.  In the cause of our discussions, I got to know that of the 2 –5 persons that become stars in football especially, thousands have disappeared with no knowledge of their being dead or alive.   But because we so celebrate this 2 – 5 persons, millions are ready to gamble their future, to either succeed or die, with no middle ground.

The case of the Trans Saharan route, was one that has been for decades, and colonies of migrants have been formed with their administrations and government.  Some have started having families on transit. They cannot return home and have not reached their desired destination.

Get this, that was during the reign of relative peace, before the various hurricanes in the Maghreb.  Now that the world has risen to several carnages, in different parts of the world, the need to and want to, have become so merged that you do not know where to draw the line.  Europe, America, Far East / Austrasia might be looking serious now.  The catastrophe is in a decade or more from now, what will be their situation in the various places they are migrating to?  I will as a reason to; the times are different.   Behind this need for movements from areas of crisis and poverty are masters of gain, counting their gains, as they juggle between arms, insurgencies, child, prostitution, drugs, human organ trades.

My take is, some questions to increase our resolve as Citizens of the World.  What are the remote causes of people seeking to migrate from their localities?  Why do some persons, spend so much resources (enough to start them comfortably, a times in their present abode), to migrate to places with unforeseen challenges/future?  What can governments and leaders do to reduce migration to the minimum?

The questions will not end, but let me go more directly now, will the stay of action on militarized zones reduce IDPs / Migrations?  What will the leaders need to do, to bring such to be?  The mistakes of Libya, might not be far from that of Iraq, but what is the situation in Southern Sudan, Somalia, Chad and Nigeria?   Syria has become a rising concern, how can we sincerely bring an end to the quagmire?  

The insincerity of stakeholders is always difficult to trace, but in all cases the actual persons on the divergent divides, do not suffer from the resultant pains caused by their actions/inactions, could we start thinking of removing the causative agents and let peace be?

Finally, why are migrants looking to far away nations and not closer nations like,  Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar, Egypt, Iran, Morocco, Algeria, Sudan, Ethiopia, Uganda, Zimbabwe, Zambia?  Will looking at building possible alternative resettlements in Africa and Middle East reduce the weight on Europe? Is it feasible?

While we stay in thoughts, my prayer still is, like Fashola Stated,  That ‘may we never reach a time when our Loyalty will be tested’.  May the Almighty look at us with Benevolence and teach us to number our days, so we can apply our hearts to wisdom; that we will start looking at truly replenishing creation (not destroying it).  Have a wonderful God filled week, with a thought of persons suffering, especially Children and their Mothers.  If you can visit or send help anywhere near you to reduce the hardship these Children, Brothers, Sisters, Mothers and Fathers, you will experience some divine relief. Try it and share with me your story.

Thank you.