Bauchi–CEO Office Please oh.

We are grateful to the Almighty for the successful hosting of the Progressive Governors in Bauchi a week earlier.  It is a step in the right direction for especially tourism in Bauchi.  The feelings from the hospitality sector needs assuaging as some of us were dreaming and reading for this visit for months. 

The pre meeting arrangement got hotels, putting the usual staffing, purchases of both provisions and perishables, repairs, modifications and facelift of places to meet the minimum expectations of our Highly esteemed expected visitors.   The height of the expectancy was the telephone reservations from the Protocol section of Government House.  To our amazement, the first night was a capital NOSHOW, the second night, even with the assurances of keeping some rooms, ended up NOSHOW again.  At this time you will appreciate phones RNRs, as who will want to face an agree hotel?    That was not enough, two days after the departure of the Progressive Governors and the retinue of advance and post mortem parties, a staff of one of the state agencies, was very humane enough to come through a hotel’s door asking for monies to be paid their agency as their office is disturbing them on internal Revenue Generation.   Haba, Oga State CEO.  The business concerns that have faith in Bauchi, came to invest, reducing unemployment and yes generating revenue for the state, but they need some governmental support, push, encouragement or whatever term you might call it.

When ever a big name, whether Royalty, Government, Celebrity or Religious, is visiting any place, serious Tourism Agencies, utilise the opportunity and make it a tourism affair.  That leads to the increase generation of News, Business, Activities and the need for such to either return again or encourage others to come.  That we had hoped will be in bauchi with the meeting of the APC Progressive; surprising it did not even wink, with over 10 APC progressive Governors in Bauchi.  Hotels will tell you that, the town that was placed on a stand still during the wedding of the Atiku and Muazu’s children.

People wanted Rochas Okorocha who happens to be like a son of the North, visit an IDP camp, Yelwa or any Motherless home and pledge a Rochas Foundation school in Bauchi, even with the issue of his flight, we only heard  after his departure.  People will have wanted to engage El-Rufai on issues of championing the cause of the masses.  Some would have wanted to take count of the states in attendance and at least add to their individual story lines, the list of important persons they have seen.

We in the service industry, wanted to see our end of year report highlight an increase in revenue attributed to the visit.  Anyway that is over, I hear somebody say. True, but it will be good to see, how Bauchi will be made to benefit in all ramifications, when issues like this come to be again.

If an airline, that flies ones daily except on Saturdays, will be giving some incentives on flight.  The same airline, collects monies they make daily, envelope it and it is sent on board to Abuja or Lagos, (when such should have been paid into a Bauchi based bank, so IGR can improve and work increased), how much more of those who have removed their eyes, from Abuja, Kano, Lagos and domiciled their schools, shops, eateries, hotels and other businesses in Bauchi?  They need incentives too.

This plea is to our Oga – State CEO.  To make Bauchi increase it’s revenue generation, your input as the Captain is major.  Bring this friends of yours back more more often,again and again.  Encourage us to be part of your success story, the state na we own together.   The synergy of strengths, is the only way forward for the development that the state needs direly, you have all that it takes, I pray you will do it. As it is a new day in the political dawning of this state and the region.    May the Almighty continue to bless the People and Government of this our mother land.